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Laura Ross (Voice Student)

"Working with Amanda has been a dream. She's an academic, teacher and vocalist herself so she has an incredible understanding of how to explain a technique. I hadn't had official vocal training in years, and she was very easily able to pick up where I left off and gave me the confidence to find my passion for singing again. She's incredibly patient and doesn't push you to a place where you're uncomfortable or to a point where you could potentially hurt your instrument. She's on your team and puts the time into getting to know your background where you are now and where you want to be. She's sweet, talented and most importantly she's invested in your development as a musician."

Christina Burke (Voice Student)

"Since I was six-years old, classical music has taken a prominent role in my life. I am currently a Senior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. For my first two years in college, I worked with a vocal instructor who highly recommended Amanda when she left to pursue a career in New York City. I began working with Amanda dealing with a few bad habits that I have had for years. She has really helped me to overcome my vocal issues as well as helped me to further my vocal abilities. I came to her with no experience using my chest voice, and she has not only developed my chest voice range, but also she has created a whole new genre of music I can explore that I have struggled with in the past.


Amanda is very knowledgeable about everything voice, and she has a passion to help each student reach his/her goals whatever they may be. Furthermore, she understands the voice and its limits. For example, she helped me realize although I may like a certain song, it may not be the best fit for my voice. It’s all about making your voice sound the best it can be without pushing or overdoing it; Amanda understands this perfectly and can guide any student in the right direction.


When Amanda moved to Connecticut, I was so glad we were able to continue our lessons via Skype. I have had so much fun working with her, and she is very approachable. She’s always there to help!  I highly recommend Amanda to anyone in need of a great voice teacher who can take their voice to the next level!"

Adam Schwartz (Piano Student)

"It's been thoroughly enjoyable learning the piano with Amanda. Her patience, ability to break concepts down, and organizational skills make her fun to work with. I've gone from tentatively reading music to confidently playing scales, and I've noticed an increased ability to focus and enjoy playing the piano. I could not ask for a better instructor." 


Kevin Johnson (Musical-Skills)

"Amanda has the patience and organizational skills needed by a good teacher. I have found the Skype option particularly convenient - I was able to continue my lessons even while traveling." 

Larry Goens (Director)

"We, at Intimate Opera of Indianapolis, had the pleasure to work with Amanda Pogach. What a find Amanda turned out to be. We were excited to cast her in the role of Madame Silverpeal in Der Schauspieldirektor (or "The Impresario") by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She also performed in our Opera on Demand series. Amanda is a bright, hardworking and very dedicated singer. She showed ease in her singing and performance. Ms. Pogach has a great thirst for growth. She listened thoughtfully to suggestions and reacted accordingly. What a joy it was to work with Amanda. We would be happy to cast her in future performances with Intimate Opera."


Larry Allen Goens

Co-Founder/ Artistic Director

Intimate Opera of Indianapolis

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