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Services Offered

Amanda's Studio is located in Melbourne, Florida. She also teaches virtually to students world-wide.
    Vocalist for all Occasions:


Amanda is available for both private and public performances--large productions, weddings, or other events. She specializes in classical/operatic performance, but also enjoys performing musical theatre, pop, and rock music. Furthermore, Amanda delights in working with composers and premiering their works. She has an enthusiastic appreciation for new/modern music.

    Voice Lessons: 


Amanda offers voice lessons to students of all ages and skill-levels.  She utilizes her extensive background in Classical singing and pedagogically-healthy technique to strengthen voices and to teach performers how to sing healthily, freely, and beautifully in any genre.  Her students have included operatic/classical, musical theater, pop, rock, jazz, gospel, folk, R&B, hip hop, reggae, and worship singers, to name a few. Voice lessons are one-on-one and are 55-minutes in length. Amanda's studio is located in Melbourne, FL. She also gives lessons to students nationally and internationally via Skype.

     Beginning Piano Lessons:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano? Now's your chance! Amanda begins by teaching her students the very basics of music-reading with a fun and exciting approach. Gradually students will acquire all of the necessary skills to play the piano proficiently.  Amanda's piano studio is open to students of all ages. No musical experience is necessary.              

    Musical Skills Lessons: 


Amanda also teaches musical-skills lessons. She has combined the knowledge and skills that she has accumulated throughout her training (select skills listed below) in order to give students a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of music and performing. She is currently working on publishing a book titled How to Learn Music Quickly and Efficiently. This book details a structured step-by-step process that when mastered, will give students the ability to learn songs or entire roles of any level of difficulty thoroughly, accurately, and almost instantly. Amanda's students have access to this wealth of knowledge even before it is published! Students are strongly encouraged to supplement their vocal training with musical-skills lessons allowing them to fully grasp the intricacies of the music they are learning, and to cover more repertoire at a faster pace. These lessons are invaluable for any kind of musician or non-musician looking to learn more about music. Lesson plans are customized to fit the interests, goals, skill-level, and instrument (or voice, or neither) of each student. Lessons may include music theory, ear training, sight-singing, composition techniques (for anyone wishing to become a composer), and many other of the important skills listed below. Musical-skills lessons are best suited for musicians of any skill level who are ten years of age and older.

    Healthy Speaking Technique Lessons:


These lessons are perfect for people whose jobs or desired careers involve a lot of speaking (including acting, teaching, public speaking, or anything else). They are also a great solution for anyone whose voice fatigues quickly from speaking in every-day life. Amanda teaches healthy vocal techniques that will enable students to speak loudly for long periods of time without fatiguing or damaging their voice.

    Gender Expression Voice Training:


Amanda combines contemporary research with skills from her vocal and musical background to provide coaching, with an emphasis on breathing, pitch, diction, and vocal technique, in order to help transgender and gender nonconforming individuals express their true voice. For more information about these lessons, visit


Skills and Expertise

(Any of these special skills may be incorporated into a student's lessons depending on the necessities of each student's individual training.)


Vocal Performance




Acting for Singers

Vocal Pedagogy including Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Mechanism

Music Theory

Musical Composition Techniques and Analysis

Ear Training/Sight Singing

Piano/Keyboard Harmony

Music Research

Music History of the Western World and Ethnomusicology (World Music)

German, French, Italian, British, and American Music Literature

Poetry/Poetic Analysis of Art Song in Any Language

English (Native), Spanish, Italian, and German Language Training


German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English Diction

Music and Cognition including Physics of Sound

Music, Arts, and Ideas (Analysis of comparable thematic ideas between music, art, and other forms of media)

Choral Singing

Chamber Music

Alexander Technique for Musicians  (body alignment and relaxation techniques)

Voice Feminization Training

Voice Masculinization Training 

Public Speaking Experience

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